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In todays marketing world, you will read about content marketing, video marketing or brand storytelling, as they seem to be the new buzzwords and things to do. As you might already have seen on our website, we define ourselves as storytellers.

But what is storytelling actually? And what is the difference to video marketing? We think it´s relevant to start out with an explanation of the topic, to make sure that you use the best suitable approach and you know when to use one or the other. 

Here is our take on the topic. Lets start with a definition about a story itself, and then get into storytelling and video marketing. 

A Story

According to the dictionary a story is a “description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events”. These events are traditionally divided into 3 plots, a beginning, a middle and an end. But what makes a good story?

Try to remember, when you were a little kid and just got drawn into a story, being so fascinated that you just couldn´t go to sleep until you have heard the end of the story. It´s exactly that feeling, that makes a great story, one that you just need to follow until you have heard the end of it. A great story does not only make you listen, it makes you feel. It makes you relate to the characters – its authentic – it matters. 



A good story is the building block of storytelling. The context in which it´s told will take people somewhere, will make them feel something and will make them reflect on their own lives. We like Brandon Sanderson (The way of kings) interpretation: “the purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon”. Storytelling is a very strong form of communication that is able to shape and influence behavior. By telling stories that make an emotional impact, portray characters that people can relate to and demonstrate core values of the storyteller, storytelling can encourage change. 

Video marketing

This is where it is easy to make the distinction to video marketing. Video marketing has a clear purpose; it is trying to communicate a message to consumers. Using this type of content, will make the message much more personal and maybe the video will even tell a story, but the audience will recognize that the video is trying to position the brand, tells about the product benefits or explains how to use a product. At the same time, video marketing usually has defined goals such as catching attention, driving engagement and increasing revenue. It can also take all kinds of forms, it could be used as a welcome video on the homepage, it could be placed in a newsletter or could be a how-to video. 

A few concluding words... 

We might have simplified the discussion a bit, to draw a clear distinction between the two. Of course there are many great examples, where brands use a storytelling approach to communicate a marketing message. Here the lines between the two methods get blurred. We think it’s a good idea to understand how the two approaches are different before you start using and confusing them. However, we do not consider one better than the other, they are useful in different situations and can also work together. So before you start using video content, you need to define your goals and the purpose of the content, while you should have a good story to tell, when using storytelling.


Next Time

In our next blog post, we´ll dig deeper into how storytelling can be used in video marketing. We will explain how it works, why you should consider using it and what you need to pay attention to. So don´t forget to come back or sign up for our newsletter and get updated, when new blog posts are released. 

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

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