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Lars Hansen is the director of a successful fishing shop in Hamburg and the online shop HAV-Sportsfishing. He has been running both for years, and they are known for the service and professional advice given.

When running an online shop it can be difficult to build relations with the customers. Lars is a passionate fisher himself, and based on his first hand experience from the physical shop, he knows how valuable personal relations and sharing knowledge is. We were asked to put a face to his online shop, create a personal feeling and strengthen the communication. The goal was to enhance a positive user experience, showing the person behind the shop, and personalize the brand. HAV-Shop also wanted to boost sales of selected products through email marketing, using video as the main driver.


On the morning of the first day Lars was very nervous. Basically it had to do with the pressure of being in front of the camera. Running 2 fishing shops doesn´t necessarily make you a movie star. Also it was his first time meeting the Good people team in person, to him a whole bunch of new faces. When making successful video content it is crucial that whoever stands in front of the camera feels safe and secure. Achieving this makes the person appear authentic, genuine and a lot more convincing. It was therefore one of our main concerns to make Lars feel at ease and in good hands. Starting the project, we were a bit nervous too. HAV-Shop was our first German customer... and differences in language can be tricky - right! But what happened was that our German grammar mistakes helped Lars to relax, and we could joke around together. To be on the safe side we had of course made sure to have 2 native Germans in our team. That way we were well prepared.


Bornholm is ranked as one of the top 5 places in the world to go sports fishing. For this reason we decided to expose imagery from the island in the video. Relating on location shots is of great value, and worth the effort if you want to create an extra dimension to the final result. Shooting outside in remote places is always demanding. There are large amounts of gear to carry, weather and sunlight can change in minutes and when recording audio, wind can cause huge problems. However, having years of experience, we are always prepared. Knowing Lars was nervous of being in front of the camera, we choose to begin with the on location sequences. Not only did it provide us with great visual content. Going fishing also helped Lars to loosen up and he got to know us in a more fun and relaxed way. This process made Lars comfortable with the camera and at that point he grew tremendously with the project. Soon he was able to speak freely and appear in a convincing, authentic and personal way. When we took him to the studio afterwards, he was immediately able to talk passionately and directly to his audience, giving the videos the perfect personal touch.Using the beach as the setting stimulates the customers (passionate fishers) imagination, making them envision themselves in a similar situation and relate. At the same time visuals from the studio establish a contrast with a controlled, serious and clean message. Having an authentic location with the actual director of the company talking to his customers, we were able to include all corner stones of successful video marketing.

The result //

After 1 1/2 days intensive shooting with Lars we were eventually able to produce 3 tailor made videos:1) A WELCOME VIDEO FOR THE WEBSITE, OUTLINING THE CORE VALUES AND PUTTING A FACE TO THEIR BUSINESS.2) A PRODUCT PROMOTION HIGHLIGHTING TWO SPECIFIC PRODUCTS MADE FOR EMAIL MARKETING AND YOUTUBE VIDEO ADDS.3) A SHORT INFORMATIONAL VIDEO FOR THE CONTACT PAGE CONVEYING A MESSAGE IN 15 SEC.With our video content HAV-Shop has started a new, direct and engaging communication with their customers. As the video statistics show, we succeeded in producing videos with high engagement scores. HAV-Shop has also experienced the true value of video in email marketing to boost their sales. Both Lars and we enjoyed the time spent together during the production. Images say more then words, so have a look at Lars' video testimonial below.