an agency for change

At Good people, we recognise the critical importance of defending and promoting democracy, freedom and human rights across borders. Our work is rooted in compassion and solidarity, and in particular with those who are marginalised and oppressed, and we are committed to fostering dialogue and engagement to effect positive change. Through raising awareness and fostering understanding, we aim to nudge the world towards a better future.



Every project is an opportunity for a collaboration, and we recognize the immense value in bringing together diverse perspectives, experiences and expertise to create something truly remarkable. Collaborating is an essential aspect of our creative process along with in-depth dialogue. Therefore, we invest in deep connections with our partners and communities to make long lasting relations. Shared ownership and investment in the outcome also lead to the creation of a meaningful and impactful experience for everyone involved.

We engage in the global society to effect change, believing in democracy, empowerment, and coexistence, working for a better future.

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We are diverse

We assemble a strong team of capabilities that complement each other to create the best conditions for realizing each project. This ensures that, with different experiences, knowledge and skills, we can achieve the best possible results while also benefiting from the synergy of our team. We combine strategic expertise with visual competencies, including specialised experts, such as human rights experts and anthropologists.