We are Good people

Fearless storytellers

We tell stories that make a difference. We push boundaries in our search of new ways and perspectives, striving to change peoples perception and point of view. We have a mutual vision, making what we do matter, and we share a passion for visual work and storytelling. We are a dedicated team fearless of taking chances in the pursuit of achieving the greatest result possible.

Martini Thaulow

Martin Thaulow
CEO & Co-Founder 


Joakim Hesse Lundström

Joakim Hesse Lundström



Jesper Kofod

Jesper Kofod
Film editor/colorist


Ida Brink

Ida Brink
Project manager


Jens Christian Wibe

Jens Wibe

Internet, Consulting and development


Lea Skovbo Jensen

Lea Skovbo Jensen

All things internet


Our story

We are creative

We are a creative and digital studio based in Copenhagen and on the Island of Bornholm, working with customers around the globe.

Good people is owned and run by Martin Thaulow. The company was originally founded by Martin in 2010.

Martin has a background both in fine arts and the commercial industry. He is a skilled director, videographer and photographer, with a production line of more than 350+ videos and thousands of photographs taken. 

Martin is also the founder of Folkemødet. TV and the co-founder and chairman of the artist group FLOK. Over time he has exhibited his work of art in US, UK, FI, SE and DK. One of his long time projects is The Graveyard Project (still running).

Good people currently employs 5 people and have a broad range of trusted freelancers. We deliver the perfect match of creative minds and hardcore business structure and management.